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Our objectives

Multidimension is the culmination of diasporas from Indian subcontinent living in France, and the process of integration in the mainstream french society. Thus, our team works hand in hand to build a platform to share experiences of multiethnic and multicultural life. Tell us about your experiences, we’ll share those with the world.

February 21 : International Mother Language Day

Languages are different in countries and regions. With the passage of time, the languages of different ethnic groups and small communities are endangered facing aggression of modern civilization.

Until some time, the movement for the mother tongue was limited around the language and culture of the Bengali people of East Pakistan. The mother tongue Bengali was attacked in 1952. The government based in West Pakistan at that time tried to impose Urdu replacing Bengali. However, the Bengali language was able to save its honour thanks to the sacrifices of thousands of martyrs. The movement that took place on February 21, 1952 is the most significant event in the history of Bengal in the twentieth century. Inspiration to protect the mother tongue has finally given birth to a country called Bangladesh. Read more