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Our YouTube channel: LEARN FRENCH AT EASE

We make videos on a variety of topics to help foreigners improve their ability to function effectively in every day situations in France and other francophone countries around the world. You can call it “Spoken French” lesson.

Want to learn on your own online?

Our videos are accompanied by original text in French and translation in English/Bengali which will help you to understand the contents easily.

You can access those freely by clicking the links provided in the description section of the videos from playlists Basic   and Essential of our YouTube channel.

Want to learn one-on-one conversation?

If you’ve the desire to learn French in a wider perspective, watch videos from the ‘Pro’ section of our YouTube channel. We will keep uploading more videos regularly. Apart from English/Bangali translation of original French texts, you can avail from us more learning contents against a onetime payment plan. We will decide the price soon and will announce it on the website. All kind of video related updates will be notified to you at no extra charge.

Check out our Thematic Videos to learn how to speak correctly on a specific topic.

This section contains videos in a format of one-to-one conversations on day-to-day life.

Check out the description section of each video to download the text with English translation.

Start learning!!!

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Fill out the enquiry box with your name, email, telephone number and message, we will reply you within 24 hours.

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