From 27th May onward until the month of July, the CNDA (National Refugee Court) sessions will be conducted by single judges.


The registration of asylum application is resumed by appointment. As of today, the OFII is contacting those who have already registered with the First Reception Service Platform (SPADA) as an asylum seeker. Preference is being given to people in relatively weaker positions.


The OFII will change the ADA card (to meet the purchase price, not to withdraw cash), step by step, until September. The new card will be issued from the CADA or you will receive an appointment via SMS to your phone (the OFII must have the correct number If you have not given the new phone number to the office and if you are not living in a CADA structure), you need to contact the office.


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On Thursday, April 30, the Council of State (Conseil d’Etat) instructed the Ministry of the Interior to resume registration of political asylum applications in Ile-de-France, which was suspended due to the lockdown.


Only interview calls sent or hand-delivered which are supposed to take place from May 11 onwards will be held as scheduled. Applicants for asylum and stateless status who are affected by the cancellation of their interview will receive a new summons at a later date.


Postponement of interviews of the applicants for asylum and statelessness status convened at the Fontenay-sous-Bois and Cayenne sites of OFPRA between 16 March and 30 April 2020 until further notice.


Submission of asylum applications to OFPRA

Asylum seekers who must submit their application to OFPRA are invited to do so under the usual conditions (by post only).

Pursuant to Ordinance No. 2020-30 of March 22, 2020, the deadline for completion of certain activities which are supposed to be completed between 12th March to 23rd June has been extended as per Ordinance No. 2020-560 of 13th May, 2020. Therefore, as per Article 2 of this Ordinance, the asylum applications which should have been submitted within this period may be submitted regularly after the above prescribed period and the new period will be counted from the end of the stay order, i.e. 23rd June.

 However, the attention of users is drawn to the fact that this date may be anticipated or postponed depending on the decisions that will be taken regarding the duration of the state of public health emergency. In this case, OFPRA will make a communication on its website for the proper information of asylum seekers.

 It should be noted that, depending on the evolution of the situation, the sending procedure of letter of acknowledgement of submission could be suspended or delayed. In any event, OFPRA will endeavour to carry out the computer registration necessary to record the submission to facilitate the payment of the asylum seeker’s allowance.

 Notification of OFPRA’s decisions

Due to the closure of certain La Poste counters, the current notifications of OFPRA’s decisions taken prior to 16 March may be disrupted. This circumstance will be taken into account by OFPRA in order to carry out, if necessary, new notifications at the end of the health crisis period. 

The above information will be updated as often as necessary as the situation evolves. We invite you to consult this page regularly and to follow OFPRA on social networks.

Request for access to the OFPRA file

Asylum seekers or protected persons who wish to access their administrative asylum application file can do so by sending an email to functional mailbox ending with


Covid-19: All hearings remain suspended during the period of health emergency

Postponement of time-limits for appeals to the Court:

►All appeals against the decision of OFPRA whose deadline expires after midnight on 12 March will benefit from an extension of the deadline from the same date until the date of cessation of the state of health emergency.

►All applications for legal aid whose deadline for submission expires no later than midnight on 12 March will be postponed from the same date until the date on which the state of public health emergency ends. Applications for legal aid remain governed by the 15-day admissibility deadline set by Article 9-4 of the Law of 10 July 1991, from the date of notification of OFPRA’s decision.

Important: The extension of the deadline from 12 March 2020, does not preclude the submission of an appeal or an application for legal aid from the same date. The Court continues to register the appeals it receives.


The CNDA continues to carry out its essential tasks.

The court will inform the public of the resumption of hearings and of its activity by means of a press release on its website. However, as part of the court’s continuity plan, the Court shall continue to register the appeals, documents and pleadings transmitted to it, whatever the means of transmission. It continues to appoint legal aid lawyers and to make available to these professionals the files that are under examination on the platform dedicated to them.

You are invited to consult regularly the Court’s website to keep abreast of developments in the situation.


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