Multidimension desk:

Upon entering the workforce at the age of 16 (or 15 in the case of an apprenticeship contract), the personal training account (Compte personnel de formation -CPF) opens for each individual which remains open until retirement.

The CPF can be used throughout your working life (including periods of unemployment) to undertake training for qualifications or certification.

You can create your CPF account on the website Mon Compte Formation to check the amount of money credited in your account as well as register for any professional training or degree.

The amount accumulated for working throughout the year will automatically be credited within the first three months of the following year. For example, rights acquired in 2022 will reflect in the first quarter of 2023.

If you work full time, or at least part time, your account is topped up from 500€ to a maximum of 5000€.

Remember that from 2 October 2022 you must have a France Connect + Identité Numérique via La Poste to register in Mon Compte Formation, even if you already have a France Connect account.

What kind of training courses you can get from your CPF account:

  • Qualifications (diploma, professional identity, professional certificate etc.)
  • Acquire basic knowledge and skills
  • Enlisting someone’s help for validation of acquired experience (VAE)
  • Proficiency test
  • New business opening or takeover (training must be related to acquisition of skills related to business management)
  • Acquiring necessary skills to volunteer in civic services or practise voluntary missions
  • Funding for Driving Licence-B (for written test preparation on Highway Code and Driving License Practical Test) or Heavy Goods Vehicle Licence (C) or Public Transport Licence (D)

Conditions for availability of CPF for Driving Licence :

In this case 3 conditions must be fulfilled:

  • Getting a driving licence must be related to your professional project or it will help secure your professional career.
  • Must not have suspension imposed on your driving licence or ban from applying for a licence (you must give a written statement to this effect)
  • Driving licence -B preparation must be done from an authorised training institute