Multidimension desk:

Integration and residence permits

Foreign nationals applying for their first multi-year residence permit in France will be required to have minimum French language skills (to be set by decree). Until now, residence permits, which are generally valid for four years, are issued only if the applicant has completed a French language course as part of the republican integration contract conducted by the OFII. A minimum level of French is already required for obtaining a resident card (ten years) and to access the French nationality.

With the same objective of integration, employers will be able to offer their foreign employees the opportunity to take a training course in French as a foreign language (FLE). These hours of training will be considered as effective working time.

In addition, all foreigners applying for a residence permit must take a vow to respect the principles of the Republic: personal freedom, freedom of expression and conscience, gender equality, motto and symbols of the Republic… Today, for certain residence permits, this condition is not foreseen. If one of these principles is not respected, the prefectures may refuse, withdraw or not renew the residence permit.

The grounds for non-renewal or withdrawal of the residence permit are extended to include a serious threat to public order. In addition, an effective stay of six months per year in France will be required for the renewal of certain long permits.